Following the UK government announcement on 9th of July 2020 - The Integrity Tattoo Lounge will be re open from the 14th of July.

The studio will initially be opening as strictly appointment only.


Tattoo consultations and inquiries will be taken via email and we will arrange a phone consultation with you to discuss your project. 

Please use: or the contact form on the website.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Please read through our full comprehensive Covid Guidance below:

The Integrity Tattoo Lounge Working Safely During Covid-19 Proceedures: 


No person will be permitted to enter the premises unless they have a booked appointment. 


For a Consultation/Booking: 

Contact the studio via our Facebook page or email in the first instance to request a consultation – please provide a brief description of what you are looking for and your contact details.  Unless you request a specific Tattoo Artist, one of the artists will contact you back to discuss and arrange a consultation – consultations will be conducted over the phone and online. 


To make a booking, you will be required to have a consultation first.  Your booking can be made at your consultation or at a later date after your consultation.  In order to secure a booking, we will require a non-refundable booking fee via bank transfer – appointments will not be secure until a booking fee has been received.  You will receive confirmation of your appointment booking via email. 


When you arrive for your appointment: 

You will be given a time to arrive for your appointment – you should arrive promptly – do not arrive early and please inform us as soon as possible if you will be arriving late in order for the studio to maintain adequate social distancing.  Staggered appointment start times are now in operation in order to maintain social distancing.


If you have been feeling unwell in the 7 days prior to your appointment in ANY WAY, please contact the studio as soon as possible so that we can re-arrange your appointment.  If you arrive to your appointment and you feel unwell, you will be asked to leave immediately and payment will be due in full for that appointment. 


All clients will be asked to attend their appointment alone – we will not be permitting friends or relatives to enter the building unless by prior agreement due to disability or mobility issues. 


All clients will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival and use hand sterilizer before being taken to their appointed tattoo station. 


As per the official Government Guidance, all clients should wear a face mask/covering.  We kindly request that, where possible, clients bring their own face covering/mask if they would prefer to wear one.  Where a client does not bring their own, the studio will happily provide a disposable face mask on request – we will not be charging for these masks, but a small donation can be given by clients if they so wish.  All Artists will be wearing full PPE as described below.


Due to the new Government legislation, until further notice, we will no longer be providing clients with any refreshments or snacks, other than water in a disposable cup, unless it is a medical emergency.  We also cannot allow any clients to eat any food inside the premises.  If you bring your own food/drink, please bring it in a bag so that it can be stored safely.  Food will have to be eaten outside of the premises and all rubbish must be taken home with you to dispose of safely. 



Clients will only be permitted to access their allocated treatment area and the bathroom – we kindly ask that clients return to their treatment area promptly after using the bathroom in order to maintain social distancing.  Cleaning materials and sanitizers will be made available in the bathroom and we request all clients wipe down any areas they come into contact with after visiting the bathroom.  Please do not wander around the studio or go near any other Artists/Clients.


All of the Artists will be wearing PPE as normal.  In accordance with Government guidance, all Artists will also be wearing a clinical face shield.  In addition to the Government guidance, we have decided, as a Professional Studio, to also implement the use of disposable gowns in order to protect the welfare of both ourselves and our clients.


Your Artist will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.  You will be provided with any further information that you might need upon your arrival.  We kindly ask that you follow the instructions of your Artist.  Any client who refuses to follow the guidance that we have to comply with by law will be asked to leave the premises and payment will be due in full.  In the extreme and unusual case of a medical emergency, social distancing measures will be dropped where necessary in order to administer adequate first aid until the emergency services arrive.



If you would like to read the Government Guidance relating to ‘Close Contact Services’, you can find that here: